About Us
We are a few crypto squirrels looking for some nuts. If you want a marketing team that actually works for you. We are your guys, we a friends and we have 24/7 support for all your marketing needs. Many we don't list here but we have connections and been through it all.

This is who we are


Lootz – has a charismatic persona perfect for hosting CCM radio. Building on his strength Lootz is also particularly adept at marketing and social media management. Through his past projects he has an impressive contacts list of premium media outlets including direct access to Real-Time and Full-Text feeds via the Associated Press Satellite Network. He has had over 20 years of web design and creation (he is known for setting up entire websites overnight). Lootz is also an expert at SEO optimization. CCM roles: Website design and creator, Radio Interview Host, Social media management, Press releases, contact for premium websites, Publications, CCM ads, SEO optimization, Real-Time Full-Text feeds via the Associated Press Satellite Network


Wookie25 – has been in the research field for the last 15 years and has specific finesse in investigative and journalistic writing. He also has a forte in creative marketing articles. Wookie has had over 20 years experience in academia and brings refreshing “out of the box” ideas to the team. CCM roles: Research analyst and writer, Copywriter, Team editor, Trello management, Press releases, Educational Articles Social media management, “crazy ideas”


Maco – is an artist extraordinaire, expert cartoonist, designer and illustrator. His designs speaks for themselves and he stands for freedom in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.