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We have the most talented cartoonist around that loves crypto
Social Creation & Management
Social Media is one of the most important tools you will have for SEO and Engagement. Let us help you with that.
Team Collaboration
We do not just assist in marketing we can be your marketing team who works with the rest of your team.
Website Creation
We can assist in simple website creation and get you an internet presence quickly.
Technical Writing
We have the best writer and researcher whos works have been guest posted in many areas such as Hackernoon.com, CryptoCoreMedia.com, and may more.
We do not break the bank to utilize our skills, out team are just a few squirrel's looking for a nut in these hard Covid times.
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Even if you feel you do not need assistance, contact us for a free consultation on what your business might be lacking or just assistance in a particular area.

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Traffic Assistance ?

SEO Doctor

Our in-house SEO specialist has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies and can give you the prescription your site needs.

SEO Doctor
Present Incredible Stats

Crypto Cartoonist

Our lead designer is a specialist and can draw by hand what you are thinking and show you a sketch, then he brings it to life with color and expression.

Crypto Cartoonist
Help Transfer Power to the People

“Learn how you can open your business to the world of cryptocurrency.”

Crypto Marketing Team Packages

Designed for Projects of All Sizes 10% Discount when paying with Pirate Chain (ARRR)
  • Crypto Marketing
  • $1,200 Per Project
  • Advisor
  • 8 Years in Crypto
  • Over 250 Projects Interviewed
  • Professional Crypto Marketing Advice
  • Random Assist. Logo, Article, Descriptions, etc
  • Establish a base
  • Consultation
We are the most talented small team you have ever seen. Since we are small we can only take on a maximum of 3 to 5 clients a month depending on the size of the package.
Does your blockchain project need Marketing?

Crypto Marketing is our Specialty.

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